#10- Time to Give

After our in-class debate over which organization should receive the $100 donation I stand by my decision to support the Against Malaria Foundation. Although, in class I had to argue for Give Directly, which I began to like more after trying to show people its benefits. In my opinion the Against Malaria Foundation will do the most immediate good to the largest group of people. One thing that really stood out to me is a very important point that Alona brought up, she said that we only have $100 dollars, and we can only use it once. We aren’t able to continually fund this program so we have to be smart and decisive about where we decide to put our money. Against Malaria uses 100% of funds to supply these nets, which is great since this is a one time donation, and for some reason people in our class kept talking about how these nets don’t stop the problem long term. In my eyes if someone is given an additional three years to live, because that’s how long the nets last, then that seems like more than enough reason to supply them. A life is a life, and if we can enable someone to remain healthy and prosper longer, than I am for it. Also, regarding the health/ environmental issues that came up in class, I would just like to say that almost everything we do in our society harms our environment in some way or is linked to potentially causing cancer. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care or take time to do research, but these nets aren’t killing people off, and even in modernized America things like our cellphones, and GMO’s have been known to have health risks, yet we haven’t given those things up. Additionally, in class someone brought up that after these nets no longer provide insect support people use them to fish and for tools, or as curtains for their households. Doesn’t that appear to be long term to you? The fact that these nets are able to provide assistance even after their initial implementation no longer applies tells me that these nets are a good investment, and aiding the communities that they are given to in a variety of ways solidifies my argument that Against Malaria deserves our $100 contribution.

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  1. Ele Rinas
    December 9, 2015

    You brought up some very good points. In class, I was definitely one of the people against the Against Malaria Foundation, but after reading your post, I kind of want to change my mind. I thought the length of time that the nets could be used coupled with their (possible) negative effects on the users made them a bad choice, but you’re right in saying that prolonging life by a few years is probably worth any possible negative side effects fifty years down the road.

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