Final Thoughts: Italia

Overall, I have greatly enjoyed my study abroad experience, and luckily I was able to stay in Italy for another week once the program ended with my family. Since, this was my first abroad experience I believe it was helpful to do a structured study abroad program, this way I could learn the ropes and get acclimated to living in another country with both a hands-on, and hands-off approach. The study part of study abroad can be a bummer sometimes, because when you are in a new, and beautiful country the last thing you want to do is sit in a classroom, five days a week for four hours and do real school work. I am appreciative though, because I took challenging classes and I would much rather take them in Italy for five weeks, then spend a whole semester in Norman taking those classes. It is hard sometimes, especially when you have class at eight-thirty in the morning, sometimes a girl just wants to sleep in. I feel like academically I have been challenged, but I have been engaged and have enjoyed learning. Outside of the classroom I feel like I have matured and have gained more knowledge about myself and others, as well as what makes a good and a bad tourist. I am eternally grateful that I was presented with the opportunity to study abroad with the Michael F. Price College of Business and I truly value this experience, I strive to retain what I have learned and apply what I can to my life back home. Grazie mille Italia!

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