IBA Fall Update

So this was a bit of a slow semester for the International Business Association (IBA), we only had one meeting for the semester but we will be doing more in the Spring to increase awareness of our group, and just to have an increased amount of events. For those of you interested, I am keeping my recruitment officer position next semester, and will be working to hopefully get us a table for Winter Welcome Week, so be on the lookout for that if you are interested! Unfortunately,  for IBA three of our officers including our president will be studying abroad in the Spring, two in Spain and one in Chile, so we have elected some new officers. Some ideas we have for next semester, is trying to get more corporate speakers to mix it up, with the faculty and staff that we usually have speak. Also we are trying to partner with other organizations like the Multicultural Business Program (MBP), and international student groups so we can have greater diversity for conversation and programming. Hopefully, we have an eventful second semester and I have more to report for you all.

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