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Last fall, Mrs. Jaci Gadenberger, the director of the Global Engagement Fellowship Program, decided to establish several advisory boards to help our group communicate more efficiently, and allow us to interact with each other. I was selected to serve on both the mentoring and the events boards, and one of our biggest accomplishments thus far was creating regional focus groups. This is just a great way to individual needs, and also expose people to new resources they may not have known about. For the fall, I was in charge of the Latin America and Spain newsletter, and while it was a lot of fun to write about and find all of these resources it actually took quite a bit of work. Although I am a Spanish minor, I couldn’t tell you all of the latino cult classic films, or point you to all of the literature that revolutionized the Hispanic culture. So, this assignment turned into my own little research project, where I learned more about a culture that I find so interesting and rich. After the article was published, thanks to help of fellow GEF Ivey Dyson, who helped ensure that the article looked very put together. We had a casual event at a local coffee shop, Second Wind, where people were able to share their Latin American/Spanish stories and experiences. I think this was a really cool idea, and I can’t wait to see how we expand upon this in the Spring. look out for my Italy newsletter probably around March. Also I will attach my newsletter to this blog post, for anyone whom is interested in checking it out.¬†Latin America Newsletter

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