International Community Fall Festival

On Saturday, November 19 I attended the International Community Fall Festival hosted by the College of International and Area Studies, by the Kraettli Apartments. I attended this event as a part of my spirit organization RUF/NEKS Lil’ Sis, we were able to sign up to attend along with other members of the OU spirit program to mix this international affair with OU traditions. This event was a lot of fun, they had warm and sweet Apple cider, hot chocolate, popcorn and exotic animals! They had a joey (a baby kangaroo), a fluffy and soft chinchilla, and I even help a python. I honestly only held the python for the picture, because I felt it slithering in between my legs and I just about had a mini heart attack. It was a lot of fun seeing the international students, and families interact with these animals. For some people, since these animals aren’t native to their home country this was the first time they have ever gotten to see one. I mean I was pretty impressed when I got to see the lemur, which they had eating a sucker by the way, so I know if I was joyfully delighted this people were too. It was also fun to see some of the small children tentatively go up to the OU mascot Boomer, whom was also in attendance. I mean if I was three years old I might be slightly afraid of an overly excited horse as well. It was a really relaxed, and fun event that did a good job of mixing these foreign gems we know as animals, with your traditional OU aspects. Boomer! Also enjoy this picture of me holding a snake

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