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Near the beginning of my second semester of college, a fellow GEF and I decided to change up are weekend routine. OU has a lot of fun and unique events throughout the school year, you just have to know where to look. Well I simply read the “This Week at your University” email and saw that there was going to be a Miss Indian OU pageant. I love pageants, and my friend Felicia (the same Felicia I went to see Wadjda with) likes to do different things. It was a rather small pageant, involving only two contestants, and the event was held at Meachum. I was very surprised to see one of my hall mates, was a contestant in the pageant. At the beginning, they introduced several other Native American title holders from various tribes/pageants. Then it was time for the two contestants, first they had to wear the traditional dress of their tribe, and introduce themselves in their tribal language. Next, they had to be escorted in their formal wear, and finally they presented their platform on Native American reservation reform in professional wear. It was a really neat experience to be a part of, as the former Miss Indian OU passed down her crown, we got to see a very detailed slideshow of all she had accomplished through her title at OU, as well as witness a bit of her life before college. So congratulations to Cheyenne Joslin, the new Miss Indian OU 2016-2017.

Even though the pageant wasn’t very long, I defiantly learned a lot. Coming from Texas, where our native population is no wear this extensive- I really enjoy getting to learn more about such a beautiful and unique culture. Overall, I’d say step out of your box, go to new events (even if you don’t exactly understand what they are), and you’ll be surprised by what you learn.

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