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Before yesterday, I had never been to a professional fútbol (soccer) game before, so naturally, as I’m currently in a Latin American country, going to a fútbol game was on my Ecuador bucket list. As someone uncultured in the world of fútbol, I’m more of an U.S. football and basketball person, I looked at teams, in Quito, and picked the best one, La Liga, so my title was accurate I am a proud bandwagoner and ‘fake fan’ of the one of the best teams in the country.

The game I went to was La Liga v. El Nacional, both teams are from Quito, and of course La Liga won with a score of 1-0, but we underestimated fútbol traffic, so unfortunately we missed the first, and only goal of the game. ¡Qué triste! It’s okay though, we already decided we would be going back for another game, so honestly it’s really no problem.

Pjeezy y yo nos gusta fútbol
It’s ya girls Pjeezy and Jen

So, let me give you a price breakdown, from a U.S. college student perspective, on how affordable it was to go to this game. We arrive, yes it’s was a bit chaotic outside, but in a tolerable way, we walk up to the ticket booth, there are still plenty of tickets available, and we paid $12 to sit in Tribuna Occidental, which was not the rowdy caged in section, that area is a little to ‘extra’ for me. Then, as the supportive newfound fan that I am, I had to purchase some paraphernalia to show my support. I bought a knock-off jersey for $6, honestly that price still shocks me, reflect on the price of overpriced band t-shirts, it’s wild the differences in prices, very pleased aquí. Inside concessions were cheap, cerveza was $2.50 (this is Pilsener country), hotdogs for $1.50, and similar prices for other items.  Why can’t professional games be this affordable in the states, plus ubers here are pretty cheap as well we got to the game for about $6.35. Basically, the moral of the story is if you have time while traveling in Latin America, go to a fútbol game, it’s fun, affordable, and a great cultural experience.

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