La simplicidad de nada

Isn’t it interesting what we notice, when we take a moment to slow down and take a look at what’s around us? Something, as simple as taking a stroll could show you your new favorite restaurant, coffee shop, book store, or who knows what else. It’s crazy how by slowing down we can embrace what is around us. For the first month and a half, I would go on weekend trips con mis amigas to different parts of Ecuador (perks of not having Friday classes). However, since during the week we were mainly in class and doing homework, and then on the weekends we were exploring different cities, and towns, I really didn’t know what Quito had to offer, besides what anyone could find on a TripAdvisor page, or the like.

After, Spring Break, or La Semana Santa aquí, most of us were a little traveled out, and also broke, r.i.p to our bank accounts, after not working for the entire semester. So for about four consecutive weekends, we have all been in Quito just chilling, and exploring. My primary weekend exploring companion has been one of my new friends here, Erica, who similarly to me loves a good meal, and a stroll around town. I know that description made us sound like two old ladies with two much time on our hands, but honestly that’s not an inaccurate assumption.

In, our few weekends home, I’ve become a pro at using the Ecovia (a primary bus line), where it only costs $.25 to take a ride, so why not? I’ve gone to el mercado artesenal near Parque Ejido just because, I’ve discovered that their is indeed a Quiznon’s in Quito, a fantastic churro spot, delicious Venezuelan arepas, a gelato hangout, and several coffee shops, one of which I am utilizing now to write this post. Sometimes, I have to go out of my way to explore, but that’s one of the beauties of study abroad, or just travel in general, exploring getting lost, and just enjoying oneself. It also helps, that I don’t mind exploring on my own, I know this makes some people nervous, but I’m just exploring my city not actually traveling alone. This has allowed me, to do things that maybe my group of friends wouldn’t have wanted to do, or fills my time instead of me sitting at home watching Netflix.

Comparable to how I was, originally, some people tend to spend so much time traveling to other countries or cities, instead of enjoying what they have at ‘home’ or at least around them. So whether or not you’re studying, traveling, or just living your day to day life, I want to challenge you to explore and create an experience in your own backyard. I do not doubt that you’ll be amazed by how much more you enjoy, and appreciate where you are when you take a step back and just live a bit.

Just take a walk,


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